Five reasons why we need software testing

When you have an effective IT platform, it stands to reason that the investment you place into new systems will increase efficiency, maximise customer experience, and expedite processes for your staff.


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However, no matter how much of an early adopter you may be, testing is an inescapable element of good practice. Here is the lowdown on why you need to undertake this invaluable element of IT compliance.

You need to ascertain whether your IT is functioning as planned

It makes little difference where you source your latest piece of software or its purpose. Without using a software testing service, you have no real way of establishing whether or not it is doing what you intended it to do.

Prior to accepting any new software update, it is imperative that you undertake testing, whether it’s penetration testing or a “dry run” prior to live launch to verify compliance.

You need to ensure that your new system can accommodate required volumes

In a testing environment, you may undertake a few trials to determine whether the system is operating effectively. However, this does not identify whether your new software can accommodate volume of use effectively.

The bottom line is that even if a new item of software operates perfectly through an initial trial, you cannot be certain that it will cope when a greater number of customers require functionality simultaneously.

Customers really can be irrational

Whatever absurd scenario you may imagine for your new software, the surprising truth is that your customers really are capable of reaching that level of irrationality. While you might imagine that your customers would never use your new system in ways to bring it down, you can never be certain. Testing lets you imagine every worst-case scenario and mitigate it just in case.

You need to cover all potential interfaces

Whether it’s laptops, apps, iPhones, Macs, or PCs, without testing of some type, can you be sure that your new system or interface will function beautifully across all potential platforms?

Your organisation merits an ideal platform

Bugs, issues, and glitches will all undermine your business and deter your customers from repeat business. By undertaking comprehensive testing, you can pre-empt these potential issues, giving your business and systems the attention and care they deserve to operate brilliantly every time.

Even My Mom Can Create Pay Stubs

I had heard about a fake online check stub generator but I wasn’t sure how hard it would be to use. The reason I was even looking for one was because my parents needed a lot of work done on their house. Since they wanted to keep immaculate records of all the work done, they asked me to find them a program that would help them print check stubs for the contractors that they hire. Even though the contractors would have their own detailed bill listing everything that they did, my parents wanted to have their own detailed descriptions on the check stub that they give to the workers. Read more “Even My Mom Can Create Pay Stubs”

I Found out Spanish Food is Amazing

The first time I tried Spanish food in Singapore, it was because I was dared to try it. I have always been the type to just eat pizza, burgers and chicken wings, or something along those lines. I will try different things, but I really don’t care for most of them. However, when one of my friends who was in Singapore with me dared me to try a Spanish restaurant with him, I decided to go for it. He did tell me also that he would be ordering all of my food, knowing that there would be things like chicken wings and steak on the menu as well.

He wanted me to try something I never had before, and he also insisted that he knew that I would enjoy it just as much as I do the regular things I eat. For the appetizer, he ordered Strawberry Gazpacho and King Crab. Read more “I Found out Spanish Food is Amazing”

Security of the building and the place of the crowd.

If you are engaging in activities in Office buildings or shopping, sure you’ve thought about building security is assured. It is true that in permitting the construction and test the feasibility of the building, about the safety of visitors into the main factor in order for the permit can be issued. However the regulars should take heart – in keeping yourself and your surroundings. In fact many of the accidents occurred in the building – modern building that has a quality of good security.

Not only the security of yourself and surrounding areas, the threat from the outside such as terrorists, too, can occur at any time. Surely increase security at the main entrance to the attention of the most important, because the entrance is the main safety lock to prevent the occurrence of terror inside the building. This time the author try to discuss about security at the main entrance of the building, but can also be applied in your private home.

There are many things that can be done to improve the security levels that are usually first occur in the main entrance (the main gate)

  1. Install the CCTV (Closed Circuit Television)

the use of video cameras to transmit video signals to a specific place, in some set of monitors. Modern CCTV technology consists of a system connected with a camera that can be driven (rotated, bent, and in-zoom), can be operated remotely through the control room, and can be linked to a network either LAN, wireless-LAN or the internet.

  1. Install the Metal Detector.

Metal or metal detection tool is effective for tackling the occurrence of crimes by using a sharp weapon. Thus visitors who bring a dangerous sharp weapons are not going to get into the building.

  1. Create a revolving door

A revolving door has many functions, can be an entrance to control the queues of visitors so that excess density does not occur, then the main door allows security officers to observe and supervise the movement of suspicious visitors when passing through a revolving door so that the officer could do some checking to visitors that are suspicious, and most of the building’s Manager chose a revolving door as the best selection of security turnstiles.

Security building has indeed become the responsibility of the security officer, but as a visitor also has an obligation to maintain the security and comfort, are also obliged to report suspicious movements if any of the other visitors.

Manage and maintain documents

In business arrangement document becomes very important. Documents were arranged neatly makes us easily in the arrangement and search if one day need the document. Usually the companies they are recruiting an administrative officer who has a special job for structuring documents.

In reality, many types of documents, from documents in and out to document the bill. In addition we have to leave a mark on the document to tag or as a reminder signs usually by using a stamp or Inkjet Marking a quality that does not fade and disappear while stored in the long term.

Here are some steps that can be taken in an effort to better care for the document:

  1. Copy of the documents we have mentioned, with the hope in case of loss or damage, can help us when they want to take care of a replacement document on the missing documents. If necessary a specific document legalized, for proof of the authenticity of the document amplifier.
  2. Do laminate (plastic press) to maintain the durability of the document. Needs to be taken, not all documents can be laminated. Which can be laminated as membership cards, family cards, diplomas, certificates, and more.
  3. Scan your document with a scanner, and save the document data in the form of a CD or a flash in place that you consider safe. If you store on your computer / laptop, make sure the data is stored safely can, by giving a password that only you know.
  4. Keep the physical documents in a special place. You can use a file folder that is dedicated to storing documents.
    Then you can save it in a closet or a place that is dedicated to saving you something important. Better yet, if stored in a deposit box (usually there are at particular banks).
  5. Arrange the document properly. You can add a label that describes the identity of the document. And the best you arrange alphabetically, so you can easily search for it when necessary.
  6. Separate storage of the original document with the copy of the document. Make sure the original document storage in a safer place than documents Copy.
  7. Some of the documents containing the identity which is always taken anywhere, be sure to be in a safe and clean. If you keep it in your wallet, keep it clean. The document should shrink-wrapped for each document, though already laminated, to prevent the damaged because of the influence of friction between the documents, or the wallet itself.

Do not forget, when you enter the wallet into the pocket of the pants, you must always remember to put in a pocket that is buttoned and unbuttoned always to prevent the spilling of your wallet.

The importance of setting file

When we work or activity, we will surely find the file either for us or for others with different interests – different. Even the file can to accumulate very high and if it has been like that would greatly disrupt our activities. Takes place and make the room is not tidy.

Problems are caused by files that accumulate not just take up space and make untidy, also raises other issues such as when to search for files that have long accumulated. With so many files that accumulate will certainly take a long time to find files that are needed.
The place, time, and cost the victims with problems File – This file. Can you imagine the amount it costs to print a file – the file? Yaaa, it is not felt because it starts with a little, but if it accumulated a lot if you count it will taste great cost. And in the end the file it will accumulate and will cause other problems. Yet you also think if a big company with a beam of consumption very much, the company would have to prepare a special room to store many files and keep it from damage. Although to guard against this damage can not be guaranteed 100% and it will require an additional fee again.

Upon the suggestion of the government in an effort to reduce the impact of global warming. The government recommends to minimize the use of paper. Supposedly indeed are the days of using paper in today’s digital era. Time for all the files should already be a digital file, because a lot of benefits if all files are digital form. It can thus be made into a paperless document management to organize all of those files.

The benefits of using a digital file (Paperless)
1. Reduce the impacts of global warming
2. Save costs
3. Facilitate the file storage
4. Facilitate the search for a file
5. It does not take place, and make the room neat

Hopefully the above article useful and can be applied all around us.

Recognize Radon Gas in your neighborhood

Radon gas is a naturally occurring radioactive noble gas, it colorless, tasteless, odorless. It produces natural radioactive uranium found in rocks and soil. Radon gas can also be found in the water.
Easy radon gas out of the ground and released into the air by decay of short-lived radon-called sub-nuclear radon or radon decomposition. Gas sub-nuclear radon or radon emits radioactive alpha particles, these particles can be attached to the aerosol in the air, dust and other particles. When we breathe, the sub-nuclear radon can be deposited on the cells lining the airways, while the alpha particles can damage DNA and potentially cause lung cancer.

For most people, contact with most of the radon gas out of the house. The concentration of radon gas in the home depends on:

  1. . Gas radon entry way to the house
  2. The uranium content of rocks and soil
  3. Ventilation areas affecting the passage of air

Radon gas entered the house through:

  1. A small hole in the wall
  2. Gaps in the floor
  3. Cracks in the cement floor and between walls
  4. Septic tank and sewer
  5. radon levels are usually higher in basements, warehouses basements or other structures in contact with soil zone

Available through the following methods to reduce the levels of radon gas in the home:
• Increase ventilation
• Avoid gas radon from the basement into the living room
• Increased ventilation under the floor
• Installing a radon gas storage system in the basement
• Close the floor and wall
• Installation of positive pressure ventilation or positive supply systems

In new home construction, radon gas issue to the attention of their own that can be referred to as radon solutions. Especially areas with high radon gas, need to consider safety. In Europe and the United States, including protective measures in new buildings has become routine, and in some countries has become a mandatory procedure. Passive mitigation systems have been shown to reduce levels of indoor radon gas up to 50%. When adding the vent radon, can further reduce the level of radon gas.

Don’t Make These Invoice Mistakes!

If you’re a small business owner, your income depends on your invoices being paid. Unfortunately, mistakes made during the invoicing process can cause payment to be delayed or even damage your relationship with your customer. To avoid mishaps and ensure you get paid on time, avoiding making these common invoice mistakes.


  • Not including basic payment information. If you don’t tell a customer how to pay you, they won’t have any idea. “Make check payable to…” are four magic words that can make all the difference. It’s critical to include what types of payment you accept (such as check, PayPal, credit card) on the invoice with the necessary information such as where to mail a check, your PayPal email address, etc.
  • Not keeping records. Record keeping can be difficult, especially for creative types. However, not only does poor record keeping affect your bottom line it can also get you into hot water with the IRS at tax time. Websites such as make it easy to manage invoices – for free! So there’s no excuse for not keeping track of your invoices.
  • Surprising your client. Sometimes things happen and projects end up costing more than your original quote to your customer. Don’t let your invoice be the first time your customer hears about it. That’s a great way to anger and lose that customer. Instead, contact the customer via phone or email so there are no ugly surprises on the invoice.
  • Neglecting to follow up. Maybe your customer honestly forget to pay you or misplaced the invoice. Maybe they just don’t want to pay. Either way, following up on unpaid invoices is extremely important. Not doing so implies getting paid just isn’t important to you, and that’s certainly not the impression you want to give. If unpaid invoices are an ongoing problem, you may want to consider posting a late fee policy on your invoices.
  • Waiting to send the invoice. If you don’t send the invoice, you won’t get paid. Waiting to send your invoice, much like not following up, tells your customer it doesn’t really matter when you get paid. If you take forever to send your invoice, your customer will probably take forever to pay it.


Many of the above problems can be eliminated by using invoicing software that provides templates, an invoice management system and online payment capabilities. This makes your life a lot easier and helps you get paid on time.

The appearance of a businessman

Never judge a person from his outward appearance, you probably never heard the adage that, but why is a saying that there? Because naturally, humans do tend to judge others by outer appearances.
Clothing is a form of non-verbal communication that is conscious or not, greatly affect the effectiveness of your communication. So, never underestimate a matter of appearance, especially if you are a businessman. Imagine if you meet potential investors with a shabby T-shirt, jeans with a hole in the knee, and hair styled at random.

Here will be described tips to support your performance in business.
1. One costume
Based on the level of formality, the events you attend will be divided into three, namely formal, semiformal and informal. Each category has its own dresscode.

2. Suit yourself
This is why there is the fitting room or dressing room at shopping centers. You must make sure that the clothes were quite in size, comfortable to wear, and look great in your body.
After purchasing the matter, you may need to try them again at home, if necessary with footwear and accessories, to ensure that your overall appearance matching and once again, you are comfortable and free to move while wearing them.

3. Do not do copycat
Confident, and dressed according to your personal style. Do not need to mimic the appearance of another person, who is not necessarily convenient for you.

4. Not dressed redundant
If you are a business owner, it’s okay dressed a little more style than employees, which is important nonetheless reasonable. Too much use of jewelry in addition to inviting crime, can also make people uncomfortable because you seem arrogant. For business events, one of the accessories most ‘safe’ used are watches, Have a professional badge clips is also OK. For men, the smartphone you alone can be ‘accessories’ which is pretty cool really.

5. Neat, Clean and Fragrant
This applies in any event. Do not let any of your clothes are wrinkled or there is dirt on the shoes. Use deodorant and cologne in moderation to avoid body odor. Make sure the scent of your breath does not make the other person’s nose cap. If necessary, provide some mints in your purse.

Optimize human resources training

Training is a learning process that involves the acquisition of skills, concepts, rules, or the attitude to improve the energy performance of monkeys. (Simamora: 2006: 273). Job training is the overall activities to give, acquire, enhance and develop job competence, productivity, discipline, attitude and work ethic at a certain level of skills and expertise match the grade and qualifications and job positions.

understanding training and development is different. Exercise is meant to improve the mastery of various skills and techniques specific work practices, detailed and routine. Namely training prepares employees to do the work now. While the scope of the development has a broader effort to improve and enhance the knowledge, skills, attitudes and personality traits.
Training focused on improving the capabilities and expertise of human resources within the organization relating to positions or functions that are the responsibility of the individual at this time. Targets to be achieved and a training program is to increase the performance of the individual in the position or the current function. Many agencies or service providers of self-development or training that will help you in improving human resource capacity as Hazmat training by various methods that they have and adjust the targets to be achieved.

The training activities are very important because it is useful in order to increase knowledge or skills, especially for those preparing to enter employment. While for those already working will serve as a “charger” Traffic and capabilities that we have always maintained to safeguard of existence or career advancement. So even if it had to pay really not too significant. Put us to follow a training schedule with a frequency of once a year. The costs incurred when divided pro rata, the amount of the average monthly expenditure quite small and not comparable with the results obtained. Hence the phrase in the context of training usually costs more popularly called as an investment. So we make investments in small quantities to survive in the highly competitive world of work lately. Anything can happen and change suddenly. Only Traffic and her attempts to “refresh” the competence of each of us that makes us always be able to survive. Never careless and negligent as assessed were self-actualization is not solely rely on the pride of educational background or a big name alma mater.