Security of the building and the place of the crowd.

If you are engaging in activities in Office buildings or shopping, sure you’ve thought about building security is assured. It is true that in permitting the construction and test the feasibility of the building, about the safety of visitors into the main factor in order for the permit can be issued. However the regulars should take heart – in keeping yourself and your surroundings. In fact many of the accidents occurred in the building – modern building that has a quality of good security.

Not only the security of yourself and surrounding areas, the threat from the outside such as terrorists, too, can occur at any time. Surely increase security at the main entrance to the attention of the most important, because the entrance is the main safety lock to prevent the occurrence of terror inside the building. This time the author try to discuss about security at the main entrance of the building, but can also be applied in your private home.

There are many things that can be done to improve the security levels that are usually first occur in the main entrance (the main gate)

  1. Install the CCTV (Closed Circuit Television)

the use of video cameras to transmit video signals to a specific place, in some set of monitors. Modern CCTV technology consists of a system connected with a camera that can be driven (rotated, bent, and in-zoom), can be operated remotely through the control room, and can be linked to a network either LAN, wireless-LAN or the internet.

  1. Install the Metal Detector.

Metal or metal detection tool is effective for tackling the occurrence of crimes by using a sharp weapon. Thus visitors who bring a dangerous sharp weapons are not going to get into the building.

  1. Create a revolving door

A revolving door has many functions, can be an entrance to control the queues of visitors so that excess density does not occur, then the main door allows security officers to observe and supervise the movement of suspicious visitors when passing through a revolving door so that the officer could do some checking to visitors that are suspicious, and most of the building’s Manager chose a revolving door as the best selection of security turnstiles.

Security building has indeed become the responsibility of the security officer, but as a visitor also has an obligation to maintain the security and comfort, are also obliged to report suspicious movements if any of the other visitors.